The most Web 2.0 tools this year !?

It’s close to xmas, the end of the year. It’s time to review and think about the most “web 2.0” tools of this year! I learned something new and some of the web 2.0 changed my habits!

In the past 3 years (after I came here, studying at IU), ….

(1) I have been using wikipedia when I look for some basic information or look for extended reading from their lists of sources.

(2) I have been using blogs and reading my families and friends blogs! It almost seems that… you should update your blogs and your trip photos as one of your personal obligations.

This year, I start using Delicious and Stumble Upon. I did learn a lot of applications, but I can’t live without these two! Especially delicious.

(1) Delicious. What is delicious (social bookmarking site)?

picture-3For most of the time, I can easily search what I need and what I’ve seen before. I can share with friends. It is most for my personal uses so far. But I had experience of browsing others’ tags/ websites. Very interesting! Now, I have 529 bookmarks!

This is an image of my bookmarks…

(2) Stumble upon: Dr. Bonk mentioned this tool in his presentation in class. Bob shared with me his experience of using stumble upon after that class. It IS a wonderful tool for surfing the web.

Stumble upon: never surf alone…


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