Recent findings and reflections on Wikibookians

I finished my paper on Wikibookians, finally. I know I’ve spent too much time on this study. I really love it! I appreciate each participant giving me great insights to understand their world!

Why did I spend so much time on this study? #1 Inexperience in data analysis #2 the result was a little bit different from the original proposal (so I had to shift the focus of it) #3 many things were going on at the same time. This is quite interesting experience. And I appreciate Dr Bonk’s feedback and always giving me opportunities to share. I really enjoyed presenting the study this semester. I got very smart questions. Then I used those questions to guide my plan of AECT presentations. It worked really well!

Close to the end of the semester, I happily finished the paper and hope to submit for a journal publication. Surprisingly, I found one of my participants shared his experiences of writing a Wikibook for his students! And published in 2007 in an electronic journal of his field! I really should be that productive! He has very a good analysis of textbooks in higher edu and a good discussion about pros and cons of Wikibooks. I finished reading it yesterday and I enjoyed it.
Extended reading- The future of textbooks(pdf file)?

Another interesting article (I just recently received the electronic file): Wikibooks in higher education: Empowerment through online distributed collaboration (link)


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