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Messages you sent out to the world everyday

This is a video I found on Daniel Pink’s blog. In this digital era, everyone sends tons of messages everyday. Just think about how many emails, posts, and edits you’ve done a day. How many of them did make an influence of the world? It seems hard to deal with a lot of messages and still be careful about choosing words (be aware of it). Great mini movie below (5 mins).


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my students presentations

My Thursday section students presented their technology research project. We think the class was great! They demonstrated Google Earth, Wikis (Wetpaint), Podcasts, and presented the lesson plan they developed for teaching English. I was impressed by their creative ideas. Link to their report on Eva. (Select topics under Secondary English)

There are a few things I would like to discuss with them next week. One is the difference between uses of wikis and blogs in education. Interesting enough – when wikis group presented, at the end of their presentation, one person said wikis is not as good as blogs because students might overwrite each other’s work. When blogs group presented, one person said blogs can’t offer as much collaboration/ interaction as wikis can. I think it will be interesting to discuss with them about differences between media – wikis v.s. blogs and podcasts v.s. videos. This will also be a good transition for next project, multimedia production project.

The second thing is about digital divide and media literacy. It always made me frustrated when my students said, as a teacher, we can’t assume all students have computers/ Internet access at home. But I think the series of media literacy and digital learners (net generation) articles in R685 this semester provided me another lens to look at the phenomenon. If a few students don’t have computers at home, do we as teachers want to give up with integrating technologies? or provide these students opportunities to help them and not fall behind the notion of media literacy?

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Things to offer to the world

I’ve been keeping several blogs OR SAY I’ve abandoned several blogs already. This is my Nth blog and I am going to give it a try and see what I can offer to the world everyday as a goal.

I feel like this is a super busy semester. Don’t know why. But I BELIEVE this is exciting although the mid-term is coming and I haven’t accomplished anything yet. I thought I spent enough time in summer working on my portfolio (sort of). Seems people wanted more from me.

Crazy/ complicated world. I need to STAY peaceful. At the end of everyday.

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Hello world!

Hello World 🙂

Note: This is note for R685. I feel guilty after abandoning too many blogs, so I didn’t plan to create a blog for this class. However, since Dr. Bonk kept looking for a blog URL, and has offered an incredible incentive, a blog friend from our class and another blog friend from San Francisco, here you go: a blog on WordPress. I like it so far!

I plan to sort my articles into categories. Some of them might be irrelevant to R685 or Web 2.0. Since I want to maximize the uses of this blog and plan to keep it for a longer time, please feel free to skip the posts other than articles under the Web 2.0 category. You’re, of course, more than welcome to read ALL my posts and give me any comments/ questions!!!

About ME: My name is Chun-Yi Lin. I’m a doctoral student in Instructional Systems Technology at IU. A Taiwanese. : )  I have a cat Miffy in Taiwan. I taught elementary science in Taipei for 2 years and now I’m working with undergraduates on technology integration in teaching. Fun!

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